this way to infinity.
kat, 22, florida. sociology major and proud hufflepuff. i live in orlando. i work at the gap. i love to read and travel. sometimes i cook. mostly i sleep and derp about on the internet while avoiding real life. i watch a lot of shows and drink a lot of frappuccinos. i'm basically a sloth. but wish i was emma stone. or a great white shark.

i was at work and i answered the phone and this woman on the other end rudely says, “i’m trying to talk to someone from gap kids but i keep getting put on hold for over six minutes.” HAHA WOW OKAY i can’t believe you had to wait so long, SIX MINUTES HOLY SHIT??!?! so of course i was like “okay hang on” and i put her on hold again. boo hoo bitch. i hate people who think the world should revolve around them.